Knowing yourself

Things I like.

Getting on the side of the tram that minimises what I have to walk at arrival Coming up with a good analogy Biking in the city, which is my definition of freedom Having a set of translucent flag post-its when reading a novel Arguing about MBTI Paying bills on e-banking Staying in bed on very …

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Story telling

Montecastelli: the cello-piano duet

So we went on stage. I remembered that I always hated being on stage alone, on the piano. I never understood the difference between practice and stage. Why one was important, and the other one not. The whole lab was watching from below, gathered in this small chapel made of stones, in the middle of Tuscany. It …

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Complex network

Of complex networks, and why we love hook-ups.

This post is about two friends hooking up. But before getting to that part, it’s a confession of how unstable and unbalanced I have become since I started research. Work-life balance now depends pretty much on whether Github loads correctly. The lack of results or any kind of milestones is nerve-wrecking. I cope by doing sports. Lots …

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How to find an interesting position, anywhere

In the lab I got assigned a project that no one wanted. The data is messy, there is no clear goal and I literally heard sighs of relief from those who passed it on to me. Truth is, this is very common when you start any job, in industry or research. The new colleague gets the projects that others left out. …

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