Week thirty-five

A week-end with my dear friends… in the garden, harvesting zucchinis

I re-discovered Bleubird, a blogger Caro and I read ages ago. At that time she did a year-long project, “a portrait of my children, once per week, every week”. Today it inspired me to do something similar.

“But I hate taking pictures.”

“But you love eclectic links.” he replied.

So here is it. A small project. “a selection of my links, once per week, every week”.

  • Bleubird’s IG. You let me know when you’ve figured out how she makes her feed so relatable and so full of sponsorship at the same time.
  • Why every city feels the same now: I have been (slowly) decorating our new home, and am obsessed with being not-hipster. No I don’t know what it means. Yes I can just feel it. This article describes the effect of non-place of a city. So it gives me a language to talk about non-place in a home. Like the armchair I just bought and love in an genuine way – I’ve just seen it in three of my friends’ home.
  • On another topic, Seb and I have low executive skills and vacation with a baby is difficult logistically. We were looking for places where we could eat, rest, learn new stuff and have farm animals, all in one place. Eumelia looks amazing. It’s in a middle of olive tree farm. With a from-farm-to-table restaurant. And goats! If you know similar places, please let us know.

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