Week thirty-six

“a selection of my links, once per week, every week”

1. This week, I really liked the article “Kate Manne on the Costs of Male Entitlement”. Kate Manne is a philosopher. She distinguishes sexism and misogyny and defines the former as the ideology, the latter the enforcement of that ideology.

This distinction is interesting as she argues that one can exist without the other. I.e. a person can not hold sexist views but participate in a misogynist structure. And vice-versa.

2. This weekend we had a few friends over for brunch. Not close friends. Sufficiently “not close” that we invited several so that we wouldn’t run out of conversation. Those are friends we don’t agree with on political issues, on material issues, on values.

Somehow we managed to build somewhat of a conversational bridge (TED talk), and I was surprised. It was a lovely moment. No echo chamber of ideas. Seb and I had material for discussion and debate for days afterwards.

I’m glad I hang on to those relationships, those you catch yourself asking, why bother? It often feels like work and even this time we didn’t leave happily agreeing on everything. But it makes me grow.

3. One of my best friends is dealing with a newborn right now (sending all my love). I sent her this Oprah video on how to decipher baby cries. Not sure if it works but it’s so fun. Good luck N, it does get better <3

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