List of baby essentials…

For my best friend, who is having her first. For myself, to see what else I can get rid of.

Stroller: Babyzen yoyo+

Clothes: no stress, can be bought after birth by dad, when the birth weight is known. We had to skip right over to size 3-months.

  • onesies, only those which opens on the front: 7 / # of wash you accept doing per week + 20% (for accidents). We do 1 wash per week, so around 10 onesies. If you do 2 per week, then go for 5.
  • 3 pyjamas with feet (don’t want to deal with socks)
  • 2 sleeping bags adapted to season

Baby wrap: they are all good, just make sure it’s an ergonomic one. Brands we have and recommend: Boba, Sollybaby (for petites), and a classic Ergobaby (for dad)

Nursing: silver cups (Envie de fraises, or second-hand on Anibis) + pads

Maxi-cotton gauzes: to wipe, to swaddle, to use as nursing cover, to use as changing station outside, to cover stroller for naps…. we just took 2 in the bag everytime we went out and that was it. Brand: Aden + Anais I recommend the cotton ones, the silk ones shrank over time.

A nursing cushion Brand: Red castle


  • changing station: we started with a removable changing station on top of the crib / then we moved to a changing mattress on top the Ikea Hemnes dress / now we found a second-hand SUNDVIK dresser. All work fine.
  • a diaper trash can
  • if you decide to do this, a co-sleeping side bed (we didn’t)
  • a high chair: 2nd hand Tripp Trapp chair + newborn set

Bath: we used the Shantala tub (bought at Jubilane) and were happy with it. But I think it’s fine to just bathe with a parent, or directly in a regular baby bathtub (which we used after his 4 months). We don’t use any specific bath product.

Other: 1 pack of newborn diapers, cotton pads from Migros (you can stack these up)

Everything else can be bought later, depending on evolution, specific needs from the baby, including: bottles (after breastfeeding), special mattresses if they have gastric reflux, shoes (only after they walk, it’s better to be bare foot), breast pump kits, toys, food cooker/mixer, utensils, play foam mattresses, bike trailer…

This is the only video I liked when searching for baby essentials, from Farmhouse on Boone.

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