You’re an expert if you can find a good problem at a hackathon


I am sitting in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Vienna. The Healthcare MIT Hackathon ended this morning and we are all toasted. We didn’t win. I’m sitting here instead of visiting the city in order to stalk the judges.

It was really fun. You know how they say that these events are for meeting people? It’s true. For me it was particularly when we were arguing, and then out of the blue stumbled on an idea that was a perfect fit to our team. At that moment, there were sparkles in our eyes. Continue reading

Things I like.


  1. Getting on the side of the tram that minimises what I have to walk at arrival
  2. Coming up with a good analogy
  3. Biking in the city, which is my definition of freedom
  4. Having a set of translucent flag post-its when reading a novel
  5. Arguing about MBTI
  6. Paying bills on e-banking
  7. Staying in bed on very sunny days. No noise, no light, no outside stimuli.
  8. Being truthful and sometimes nervous when I blog
  9. Rays of sunlight through half-closed window blinds, reflecting on the moving dust
  10. Making a friend, because it’s so rare.

This is inspired by Jessica Gross’ project, Things we like. I like how it made me pause and cristallise those small events into words.

Your turn, now.